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-Each patient carries their own doctor inside of themself-


It is it our personal mission here at RISE to create a safe place JUST for you to discover TRUE and SUSTAINABLE health and wellness in your life!!! 


True balance in life comes with the awareness of the state of your MIND and BODY.   So, every service we offer purposefully incorporates BOTH, along with the beautiful addition of scripture.  


Health Coaching, Reformer Pilates, Infrared Sauna, Massage Chair, Boutique Fitness Studio. and Personal Training!


"Forget what is behind and strain towards what is ahead." Phil 3:13

Young female rock climber at sunset, Kal



30 Min Reformer Stretch

This one on one restorative session will help those dealing with stress, tension, or sore muscles.  This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and body types.  The reformer will be utilized in a way that will encourage muscle lengthening and body alignment.  Though stretching is the primary focus, this session will also help build balance and strength.  No prior Pilates knowledge is needed.


30 Min Beginner Reformer

This one on one, 25 minute session is appropriate for all body types and fitness levels.  Curated for those on the go, this session will be designed to work your whole body and may include accessories such as bands or weights.  Just like our 50 minutes session, your entire body will be engaged helping you to build body awareness, balance, flexibility, and strength.  No prior Pilates knowlege is needed.


60 Minute Beginner Reformer

This one on one session will keep you moving for 50 minutes.  This session is appropriate for all body types and fitness levels.  The Beginner session is designed to introduce the principles of Pilates and serves as a foundation for advanced movement, prior Pilates knowledge is not needed.  In this session you will experience a full body workout that will both lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and increase your body awareness.



Reformer Pilates Demo

Feeling unsure if the reformer is right for you?  Instructor demos will be part of this 25 min session.  You will learn the moving parts of the reformer and perform exercises to engage the core, upper body, lower body, as well as some stretching.  This is a entry level session designed for first timers!


Mat Pilates Class

This class will include both movements and exercises originating from Pilates.
Pilates is amethod of exercise and physical movement designed to balance the body and mind.  This method of exercise consists of low impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance.  


Wellness Services

Health Coaching

A SAFE place where women can gather to discover how to take their HEALTH back on their OWN terms!



Our health coach and holistic nutritionist formulate a plan after your initial consultation based solely on who YOU are as an individual and what your specific goals are as well!  Then, we meet twice a month as we begin to slowly implement small lifestyle, diet and behavioral changes all based on your own personal goals.
What works for one person may not work for another!  This is the reason we spend time getting to know each facet of your life that makes you, YOU!  It is with this information that we can then create totally individualized plans and provide support, encouragement and accountability during your journey with us!
After 3 months, we feel that you have began creating new habits and implementing them into your new lifestlye.  The tools and concepts that we introduce to you will be the very thing that allow you to create a lifestyle that can be sustained long term!  THIS is our goal! No fad diets, no short term solutions, everything we do is focused on helping you learn to live a lifestlye of HEALTH!  
You may not know how GREAT you can really feel!
We would love to join you on that journey!
After completeing your initial consultation, we ask you to commit to 3 months with us as we embark on a journey together where we get to know YOU!
Much love and many blessings!
Rise to Health and Wellness team



This is your first step to finding solutions to LONGTERM help!! After purchasing your initial consultations, you will receive a Health History!!  Upon completion of your health history at home, your initial consultation will be scheduled.  This session will consist of an overview between you and your Health Coach, in which details about your health, history, and goals will be discussed.  This session is comprised of an important discussion between you and your health coach in which together, you will formulate a plan of action and move forward in preparing the details that will involve you embarking on the beautiful journey into the "3 month program"!

Meet the Team

Our professionals each share a passion for providing a safe place to grow, heal, encourage, support and educate in order to discover health in a way you never knew was possible!


1752 East Hwy 97 
Jourdanton, TX 78026

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